The Bepo Sessions

Coleg Cambria has helped us launch our very first Bepo sessions as part of its Mental Health Awareness week programme

A series of sessions with both their students and staff.  

We saw an opportunity to translate our positivity message in to a short book designed to help people reset their attitudes and mindset, to navigate life on a more positive footing!

Alphabet with Attitude was born...

Working with Coleg Cambria, we created bespoke sessions which took participants through a range of tips and tricks to think about mental health differently – aimed particularly at people who haven’t had the easiest journey through mainstream education.

“We have learnt as a family that three main things have helped Ben's Mental Health apart from prescribed medication... Focus. Talking. Helping others. That’s how these sessions were born – and we were delighted with the enthusiasm and support that we got from the team at Coleg Cambria when we outlined our idea. They’ve been incredible from start to finish and delivering the sessions really proved to us that this idea isn’t just good in theory – it made sense to the audience and the feedback they gave us was incredible,”

The sessions paid off for Coleg Cambria too. “Feedback from the attendees in the room has been so positive,” added Julie Guzzo, Curriculum Director of Care Therapies.
"We were delighted to be one of the first educational bodies to give BePo a platform to deliver their message, and instantly saw the potential in their passion and commitment to this important message.”

The BePo programme can be helpful as an additional tool for educators looking to reach students who are disengaging with mainstream tools, or have experienced mental health challenges – or as a wider awareness session to help larger groups understand this topic in a fresh and engaging format. It draws on personal experience from ourselves, but includes practical tools such as breath work and soundscape awareness, as well as discussing common challenges such as social media usage.

BePo is on a mission to spread this message to schools and individuals across the country.

“We want to thank Coleg Cambria for their faith in us in this early stage of developing this programme. They are superstars. But this is only the beginning!”

If you would like any more information on our Bepo sessions, please send us an email [email protected]