The Breath Coach


Breathe. Feel. Move. Perform. Recover

Hi, I’m Thomas, The Breath Coach. I coach, life-changing, science-based breathing techniques to individuals, teams, and businesses looking to improve their breathing to promote health, wellbeing, and performance.

From alleviating stress and anxiety to improving performance in sports, breathwork is the single most powerful and freely available tool I’ve found and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you.

Get The Oxygen Advantage

As an Advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor, I coach you to improve your breathing. I love coaching and helping others achieve their goals. It has had a profound impact on my health and performance and those that I coach and I’m often told by clients that they wish they had found breathing as a healer and performance booster earlier in their lives. I know I do.

The extensive, science-based knowledge we now have proves that a breathing practice is just as important as the food we eat and the exercise we do in keeping ourselves healthy. We often don’t need a pill to feel better, what is truly required is the coaching to make small, consistent changes and improvements to our breathing.

Improve Your Breathing

Learning to change and improve your breathing is for everyone– from those looking for better physical and mental health to recreational and elite athletes looking for increased performance and everyone in between.

My Courses

My courses are designed to empower individuals with a scientific understanding of how breathing improves general wellbeing and performance. My own methods, incorporated with the Oxygen Advantage approach are very effective and can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and integrated into your busy schedule.

I coach 1:1 in person, 1:1 online, and also coach larger group/team sessions in the UK and worldwide.

Breathe with Me

Breathwork has completely transformed my life. I have experienced huge improvements in my own breathing, wellbeing, and performance and I now want to help others transform theirs.

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