Bepo x The Long Shot Exp.


Recycled Parachute Cap with Para Cord Hanging Hoop Detail

Handmade Limited Edition

No two the same

Dry Clean Only

Meticulously designed and crafted, original, modern headwear.

Each hat is built entirely by one pair of hands, start to finish, just for you.

All of The Long Shot Experiment hats are one of a kind and constructed from carefully selected materials.

The hats are made by hand with great care in a small workshop in Manchester.

Paracap Image 2 Paracap Image 3 Paracap Image 4 Paracap Image 5 Paracap Image 6
Reversible Parachute Bucket Hat
Bepo Bobble Black/White
£14.00 — Sold out
Bepo Bobble Green/Orange
£14.00 — Sold out
Bepo Bobble Grey/Navy
£14.00 — Sold out
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